How does the employer paid tuition program work?

Here’s how it works: We’ve developed an extended interview process that allows us to get to know you and allows you to decide if this is the right career for you. Once this process is completed, and you’re selected, we hire you to become a Burke Williams employee based upon our Tuition for Service Agreement (“TSA”). In the TSA, you’ll commit to working at Burke Williams for a minimum of two years after you graduate (getting paid top wages with benefits during your entire two years). In return, Burke Williams will agree to pay all of your tuition and fees while you study and train at the Burke Williams Academy of Massage Therapy. They will also pay for your MBLEx test and CAMTC application so that you can become a certified therapist in the state of California.

Do I get paid while I’m in school?

Yes. Once you’ve completed our extended interview process which includes the first 70 hours of your education and you are accepted into the program, you become a Burke Williams employee. You’ll be paid minimum wage for every remaining hour you are in class (530 total hours) and will be eligible for the Burke Williams Employee Benefits program. When you graduate from the program and begin working as a massage therapist at a Burke Williams location, you’ll automatically be moved to our standard massage therapist compensation program.

Do I get to practice massage while I’m in school?

Yes. We provide a clinic where you can practice massage. You’ll spend 100 hours of your 600 hours in this type of supervised hands-on education.

What happens if I quit?

We’ve developed a rigorous application process designed to identify the best massage therapist candidates. So, we don’t believe you’ll quit or be asked to leave the program. But, if you do decide to leave the school before completion for any reason, you will have to return your books and supplies in good condition. You also won’t be entitled to receive your massage therapy school transcript, unless you choose to pay the pro-rata portion of your tuition or have fulfilled your obligation under the TSA.

What happens if you decide I’m not right for the program or you let me go after I complete the program?

As we’ve said, we believe that if you are accepted to the program you will complete it successfully. However, you will still be an “at will” employee with Burke Williams. In California, that means that you can be asked to leave the program or lose your job after you graduate if you don’t meet and maintain our company’s performance standards.

Why is Burke Williams doing this?

We believe that the cost of going to school to become a massage therapist has become prohibitive. And, we have an ongoing need to hire the best massage therapists. Today, we can’t find enough qualified therapists to meet our business needs. So, we are trying a new approach—one that we believe is revolutionary not only in our industry, but in the United States overall.